Collector acquire this painting: “Seashell & Cowrie Love Story “

New collector

This mixed-media abstract found a new Home recently and I wish to thank my new collectors for acquiring this piece. In this oil painting, a blue starfish & a cowrie shell add dimension, texture and interest through some sort of “camouflage”. It always amazes me to see how Nature plays with color, to hide, frighten, or seduce…. Here, the cowrie shell shows that it was used by generations of Africans as a piece of jewelry. And this time, it can be this blue starfish’s jewel.

collector of abstract mixed media coastal wall art
New collector for “Starfish and cowrie love story” – 12″x12″ – Mixed media – Marie Wohlfahrt

Sea Fun Fact

Did you know Cowries seashells were used as a form of currency in Africa? They were also common in ancient China, where excavations have found brass and silver carvings of cowrie shells. The Chinese character for “money/currency” , 貝,  originated as a pictograph of a cowrie.

This shell holds the symbolism for destiny and prosperity. Along with this painting, l pass my best wishes to their new owner.

A bientot

Marie Wohlfahrt

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