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Why, as a scientist, art enthusiast, home designer, world traveler .... you will love to share some time with her!


Artist Biography & Statement

Through her passion for seashells, her love for colors & their meaning, her fascination for alternative medicines, Marie is constantly experimenting to mix, pair & arrange (more…)

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3-dimensional, organic, coastal Art

…as physical, emotional & spiritual healers will resonate with your interior, enhance their regenerating & healing powers. Fill your soul with…

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The SoWe Mural Project is a visual arts program that seeks to build and foster a stronger sense of community…

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Your Interior | Her Inspiration | Your Serenity

Marie's coastal abstracts will make you instantly feel surrounded by water.

Best Mom ever!

When your mom brings you home a “Bouquet de fleurs”, this is my way of saying Thank You😍

I had no time for oil painting last night, so l grabbed my pastels instead and did a quick study! I captured some shapes, colors and the harmony of the flowers. What Nature has to offer is just beautiful!

I used oil pastels on strathmore paper, which gives just enough “texture” to my lines and my flat tint of colors.

This drawing is a work in progress so stay tuned to see the final piece.

À bientôt,


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Seashell Fun Fact

Did you know that???

The turn of a snail’s shell is called a whorl. In 99 percent of all snail species, that whorl goes in a clockwise direction. Because they open to the right, they are also called “dextral”.

I checked a few of mine, like on the painting “Luster #3” featured here, and so far that’s right 😉

The opposite I find quite melancholic, since the shells opening to the left are named “sinistral”. And those little lefties have quite a tough life when it comes to mating. Discover by yourself with this fun article published on Mentalfloss:  “8 fascinating facts about seashells“, by Erin McCarthy.

Fun facts are fun to share! Have a great day!

A bientôt,



  • Hi Marie, it was my pleasure meeting you at Ann Marie Garden and now owning one of your creations.  I love the painting “Plongee Abyssale”- !..and all your work! I will be on the lookout for the certificate. Thank you and farewell. D.T.

  • Hi Marie, Thank you for the explanation of your inspiration for the pieces I bought on Saturday-they are beautiful and I can not wait to hang them in my new house so I can enjoy them every day! J.C