Marie Wohlfahrt | French-American Chemist Artist

Why, as a scientist, art enthusiast, home designer, world traveler .... you will love to share some time with her!


Artist Biography & Statement

Marie Wohlfahrt’s dimensional work is inspired by Science & Coastal Life. In her studio, based in Pennsylvania, the French artist tells stories by exploring geometry, repetition & symbiosis between seashells, biology, science in general, and Art.  (more…)

At a glance

3-dimensional, organic, coastal Art

…as physical, emotional & spiritual healers will resonate with your interior, enhance their regenerating & healing powers. Fill your soul with…

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The SoWe Mural Project is a visual arts program that seeks to build and foster a stronger sense of community…

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Your Interior | Her Inspiration | Your Serenity

Marie's coastal abstracts will make you instantly feel surrounded by water.

Collector acquire this painting: “Seashell & Cowrie Love Story “

New collector

This mixed-media abstract found a new Home recently and I wish to thank my new collectors for acquiring this piece. In this oil painting, a blue starfish & a cowrie shell add dimension, texture and interest through some sort of “camouflage”. It always amazes me to see how Nature plays with color, to hide, frighten, or seduce…. Here, the cowrie shell shows that it was used by generations of (more…)


  • Hi Marie, it was my pleasure meeting you at Ann Marie Garden and now owning one of your creations.  I love the painting “Plongee Abyssale”- !..and all your work! I will be on the lookout for the certificate. Thank you and farewell. D.T.

  • Hi Marie, Thank you for the explanation of your inspiration for the pieces I bought on Saturday-they are beautiful and I can not wait to hang them in my new house so I can enjoy them every day! J.C