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Opening Reception | March 2nd, 2018 My first 2018 Solo exhibition was interactive & fun! Despite the cold air, collectors…


Seashells as physical, emotional & spiritual healers will resonate with your interior, enhance their regenerating & healing powers. Fill your soul…


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Marie Wohlfahrt | French-American Chemist Artist

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Artist Biography & Statement

Through her passion for seashells, her love for colors & their meaning, her fascination for alternative medicines, Marie is constantly experimenting to mix, pair & arrange these elements into an abstracted vision of a landscape; her intention is to create a piece that will blend into your home, make you feel this is a “place” – a beach, a river, a garden – that you’ve visited before.

With a background in chemical engineering, she has demonstrated a deep knowledge of Color theory, new materials, liquid coatings, 3D printing, color design; learning about paint formulation is an on-going process. She is also regularly involved in the latest Fashion & Interior Color Trends through (more…)

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Fall in love with Marie's coastal abstracts that will make you instantly feel being surrounded by water.

2018 Solo Exhibition Marie Wohlfahrt

Marie Wohlfahrt Solo Exhibition March 2018

Opening Reception March 2nd, 2018

Marie Wohlfahrt Solo Exhibition at Lebanon Picture Frame & Art Gallery

My first 2018 Solo exhibition was interactive & fun! Despite the cold air, collectors & friends gifted us with their visit, enthusiasm and warmth! While they were looking at my Nautical Abstracts, I took this opportunity to shoot a video (more…)

Outer shell & inner soul

Outer shell, inner soul and creative process


Earlier this week, I was participating in a focus group and the facilitator asked me: “why are you using seashells in your abstract paintings? what do they represent in your artistic expression?”

So I had to pause, gear my brain toward my native language, which usually (but not always) helps me “extract” my ideas.

And I sort of articulated, the best I could with my french accent: “The seashell really is the remaining element of a former (more…)